Quotes That Resonate

I’m going to add quotes to this post from time to time. Quotes that helped me in my darkest days and quotes that I’m finding now that speak to this particular journey.

I’ll start with one I read a few weeks ago that’s been looping around my brain a lot. “The impossible often has a kind of integrity which the merely improbable lacks.” by Douglas Adams.
As improbable as it felt for my husband to return home to me in those dark days, it also felt impossible to consider that he would forever leave our marriage. And sometimes since, an improbable can feel very real on my side of things, but the impossible gently surfaces with full integrity once I give it time and attention.

April 22, 2015
On the topic of kindness in marriage from the article Masters of Love.

“A lot of times, a partner is trying to do the right thing even if it’s executed poorly. So appreciate the intent”  John Gottman

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