Staying the Course

I find myself with an unexpected open morning! I’ve been able to work in my visual journal and it was SO good. That of course brings me to think about you, the readers who stumble on this site with all your gobs of pain and frustration.

Collaging, stamping, brush strokes . . . . whatever you find works for you in the realm of visual journaling can be so beneficial. I’ve shared an image here from my journal. The white page was done in May of 2012 and then worked into my newly acquired visual journal several months later. Fall of 2013 I was invited to join a group of women who meet monthly to work on their journals. We collaborate on the themes for the year and even teach each other new techniques and share materials. I’m deeply grateful to be part of this.

FullSizeRender (1)

What I create is nothing particularly special in terms of art, but each page represents significant learning for me. I have found that the gathering of materials, the actual process and then the time of reflection afterwards are in large part why I am still in this marriage. I know that’s a big statement to make!
This creative work is tantamount to an inflatable life vest when tossed into yet another emotional whirlpool. The sitting in quietness, gentle music on the stereo, finding words in print that say exactly what my heart is feeling, working with artistic materials . . .  tears fall . . . . wisdom penetrates . . . . understanding follows . . . . I am comforted and prepared.  When I rise from that chair my steps are steadier and I am able to walk forward in hope. Even if it’s just a drop of hope. These days much of what I create is done in thanks to God for His faithfulness. I’m even moving into new material as the pain of our crisis heals one memory at a time. Who knew there would be new material! 🙂

I commend this activity to you. A blank page, a newspaper, a magazine, a pair of scissors, a pen and a glue stick. That’s all you need to get started. Rage, fear, sorrow, horror . . . it’s all there for you to find and glue down. Know and be known.

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