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Distance Education

Course: My Spouse Teacher: Student Led Time: Anytime, for as long as it takes Location: Anywhere Description: In-depth research into your spouse, past/present/future as you seek to understand them as fully as humanly possible. Required reading will be become apparent as … Continue reading

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Dust Settles and Fog Lifts

There are no shortage of metaphors/analogies/idioms used in describing marital crisis. Dust clouds, dense fog, a maze of tunnels, wandering the desert . . . to name a few. For me, I think the rejection was the hardest to bear, … Continue reading

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Vacation to Save a Marriage?

Surely a holiday would bring us closer together again, right?!! Please go through this check list: – Does it feel like my husband isn’t into me? – Am I walking on eggshells around him? – Is his participation during intimacy … Continue reading

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Cannon Shots and Fresh Canvas

When you’ve been left, and it drags on for awhile, you move into a place of acceptance in being alone.  There is this deep desire to be reconciled, juxtaposed with the strange new feeling of being okay with alone.  He’s a … Continue reading

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Now That I Can Hear the Birds Singing Again!

If I were to distill the learning I’ve done through this seemingly impossible marital trench what would I find? If I were to look at it as a purifying process, which I do, what would I most want to share … Continue reading

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The Humiliation of Being Left

Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification. John Donne  So does that give my husband the right to humiliate my husband permission to humiliate me? Not at all, but these are the cards being dealt at the moment. How am I … Continue reading

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